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The Hawkes Bay Diddy Dubbers Club has TWO new co-ordinators

Capt'in Clark and Skipper Dipper will be the new organizers of all your Diddy Dubbering fun and games at all your VW club events

Yay for Kylie Dipper and Denise Clark

Be prepared to have some serious fun Dubbers!!!!!!!




Our Diddy Dubbers

Joshua lives in Hastings with his Mum, Dad and Brother (fellow Diddy Dubber - Tyler) and he cruises the Bay in the families '69 silver and black beetle named " Betty Boop"
Tyler is Joshua's younger brother and so shares his ride with another diddy dubber....cool! He cruises the Bay in Betty Boop, the familes '69 Beetle..Nice!
Hannah Lagas
Hannah is one third of our newest members of the diddy dubber crew who all cruise the Bay in dads Commodore!!!
Elske Lagas
Elske is the eldest member of the Lagas Trio and gets around the Bay in the Family Commodore She lives in Hastings and likes Pancakes (yum) dogs, animals and knitting - cool!
Jack Lagas
Jack is our newest diddy dubber of the male variety and is into stuff such as lego, Brainbox and superchargers He wants to be a diddy dubber because he just loves vdubs and wants to be known as Jackdub
Bethan Mulliss
Bethan is another little cutie that gets chauffer driven round in a VDub kombi, which is her favourite VW of all. She is into dolls, dressing up and having tea parties.
Joseph Mulliss
Joseph is one of our cutest and certainly the politest Diddy Dubber of the club and he is pretty into vdubs thanks to his dad's ongoing passion and his mum's patience.
Jake Van Workum
Jake is one of our youngest dubbers at just 3 however he really wants to be a Diddy Dubber because his Dad is a total VW NUT! He cruises in the family's Twin Carb Tiger Green '76 panel Van in style, although as well as dubs he likes motorbikes and chainsaws!
Amber Mumford
Amber is originally from the UK and is now 12. She gets around the bay in her dad's '67split panel van or what will be her mums '62 mango green beetle ("embarrassing!") when it is restored. Her favourite dub is actually a blue beetle which she is yet to own!
Faye Mumford
Faye, another UK export is already a kiwi convert with her favourtite saying being "stay cool Bro". Faye is 8 and currently cruises the Bay in the family workhorse – the grey '67 panelvan. Faye likes to play the glockenspiel, do science, create art and play on her DS. She is into singing, dancing, chocolate, lollies and spiders! When asked what she doesn't like – top of the list are Tomatoes, closely followed by scary stuff and JOBS!
Hammond Roberston
Hammond is 11, is into his PS3 and his keyboard. His dad drives him round in either their split or their oval and his fav Vdub is a Kombi.


Joining the Diddy Dubbers


If you would like to become a Hawkes Bay Diddy Dubber you simply need to do 5 things:

1) Make sure your family are paid up members of the club

2) Send in some details about yourself

3) Email me your favourite personal photo or self portrait

4) Nag your family to attend as many Vdub events as possible

5) Follow the club rules which are to always have lots of vdubby diddy dubbery good fun!!!!

Click here to email me your Diddy Dubber Stuff!



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