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Mike van workum
Mike, his Diddy Dubber Co-ordinator wife Denise and their Diddy Dubber Jake are also regular attendees at our monthly Sunday VW cruises around the beautiful bay. Mike commenced his role of vice president in July 2010 and stepped up into the presidents shoes in July 2014. The van workums are a VW loving trio who cruise around the hills in their 2 litre Twin Carb Tiger Green 76 Panel Van and their orange late bay kombi Cool or what…
Vice president and club technical guru
Pernell has been involved in various car clubs for 35 years, during which time he has owned around 30 VW's, from a 59 single cab to the 65 1500 Terra that he is currently restoring. Pernell became club Vice president in June 2015 Pernell has a passion for the building process as well as the driving, and has built several cars including beach buggies, off roaders, a Baja, a modified VW ute and is currently building a 63 Rag Top Volks Rod with a 2332cc engine.
Club Secretary
Kylie has three boys who enjoy dubbing in the Dippers "Betty Boop" - Tyler and Josh as well as her bigger vdub fan, hubby Markus. Kylie is a fully fledged member of the committee and became club Secretary in June 2015.
Stew Milne
Stew and Wife Amanda joined the club in 2014 with their new to Hawke's Bay arrival Kombi brought all the way from the South Island. Here is Stew and Amanda beside 'Patty' their Kombi as they were bringing her back from south of Timaru. We understand she is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) running split screen in NZ. Stew is now a committee member and treasurer of the greatest club in the Bay
Craig S
Committee Member
Enthusiast, organiser, and has contacts with useful places like wineries... he and Simone enjoy VWs and VW Clubs!
Craig R
Club Member
Craig has been a HBVWOC member for a over three years now and as he is the proud owner of two fabulous vdubs and attends as many of our events as he possibly can. Craig along with his partner Amanda are both valued members of the club and its great to have then both come along when they are in town
Grant and Carlos
Club members
Grant joined the club in 2011 although has been into dubs for a good while. He currently owns a '66 beetle which is in the midst of a full resto, so watch this space. Great to see Grant and Carlos making a regular appearance at our Sunday and Wednesday night events...even if it is in an imposter vehicle! Here is Grant's latest creation...a beetle rotisserie.....perfect for all over body repairs.....maybe it wont be long now until we see this beetle crusing the Bay with the regions coolest club.
Cherie F
Web updates
Cherie and Brett joined the Club a few years ago, with their bright green beetle "Bruce". When Emma stepped down from the web, Cherie said she'd help out for a while... and got entangled.
Pete Robertson
Pete was the clubs president from July 2010 to 2014 and remains an active member of the Bay's best club
Emma played a key role in the club from 2010 when she became secretary and treasurer of the club, later communication coordinator between all and sundry And general organiser of everything. Emma stepped down from half of her work in July 2014 to let other key members have a turn, and in 2017 handed over her other duties.
Rob and Bea
Club Legends
Always with us no matter where we go x
Diddy Dubber Co-ordinator
Meet 'Capt'in Clark' the Diddy Dubber Co-ordinator who is just dying to jazz things up with the diddy dubber kids club. Denise makes up one third of our popular Van Workum trio along with Vice president Mike and Diddy Dubber Jake.
Honorary Club Member
Not sure how many years young our Nola is (approx 93!)or how long she has been driving vdubs...but I reckon she has got to be close to the national record.....Nola is a long standing club member and long may that continue!
Club Member
Neil joined our club on a rainy Sunday afternoon when the turn out was poor and the weather was even worse. so a huge HB v dub club welcome to Neil and his cool 'as mean looking bug' and his most welcome purple Kombi Cool
Committee Member
Brad is the club Dude and the youngest member of our committee - full of enthusiasm and coolness.

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